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New lens coating - EPS

The new EPS (Eye Protect System™) is the first anti-reflective lens coating that has the advances of Crizal® Prevencia™ but on an aesthetically clear lens, with no blue tinge. This is the latest development from the Varilux giant, Essilor.

The EPS coating offers all the advances of a Crizal® anti-reflective coating but moreover protects against Blue UV radiation emitted from computers, IPads, laptops and most electronic devices. This harmful UV light can cause an acceleration of the onset of age-related macu

lar degeneration, an incurable ocular condition that creates central sight loss.

From September 2016 - December 2016 we are offering complementary upgrades for Varilux® Physio 2.0 and Varilux® Comfort wearers, to the new EPS coating. Speak to Jodie for more information.

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