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Varifocal Lenses

At around the age of 40 presbyopia can cause close-to reading to be a bit of a challenge. You may often find yourself pushing your book away from you to help focus. This simply means you require a different prescription from your distance to your reading. To save the exasperation of changing between two pairs of glasses, we offer advanced varifocal lenses. When you look in the distance, intermediate and at near your vision is great - all in one lens. 

We use the term 'advanced' to describe our varifocal lenses due to the reduction in what's known as distortions. Distortions create a blurriness in the bottom left and right hand side of the lens.  The lower the quality the lens, the more blurriness you will get. With today's advancements in the optical world we are able to offer a lens that carries minimal distortions. 

Beyond the lens advancements themselves, we deem fitting and guidance so important to success with these progressive lenses. By fitting we mean locating at what part of the lens your various prescriptions will be allocated and how the lens is utilised by the use/design of your frame. Likewise, guidance refers to using our senior staff's experience to inform you of how to use the lens to comply with your personal visual circumstances and lifestyle. 

As 'Varilux Specialists' (official status), please be assured of our senior expertise as accredited by the worlds largest progressive lens manufacturer - Essilor.  


We fit a range of varifocal lenses relative to your experience and budget. If you already are a varifocal wearer and struggle with the distortions of your lens, please allow us to guide you through our range to find a suiting improvement. We offer payment plans for spectacles so please don't fear lump payments to accompany this outstanding vision. 


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