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Eye care as we age

As your eyes mature you may find you can't see as well as you used to be able to. This is sometimes a refractive visual error that can be corrected with spectacles or contact lenses, however it may be a result of many age related ocular conditions. 

By visiting our practice it gives our professionals a chance to assess your vision and determine whether you are suffering from any ocular conditions yourself. With some of these conditions, you may not notice the damaging effects as they are progressive over time and also affect vision in various ways. 

Examinations for over 60's are funded by the NHS, so please ensure you always visit our professionals to establish that your eyes aren't only seeing their best but are healthy too.

We understand (now more than ever) that the climbing cost of living strongly influences how we spend disposable cash, yet that shouldn't mean sacrificing health checks or not being able to see clearly. If your budget is reduced,  we will ensure not only we get you the right product for an affordable price, but we will discuss all payment plans on offer too. 

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