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Choosing a new pair of spectacles, we understand is a big decision. Spectacles are a very personal choice as they can make a fashion statement, enhance our appearance and reflect our personality.This is why we have experts on hand to give advice on a one-to-one basis in a calm, relaxed and tranquil environemnt.

Our trained assistants and optometrists will not only guide you through the best lens types, materials and frames for fashion and practicality, but also your personalised prescription. We take extra care to ensure you understand what your lens capacities are to the extent you feel necessary - there is simply no rush throughout your dispense.

With the ambiance of our victorian house practice and time put aside for you personally, we guarantee to help you make a measured decision when selecting the right frame and lenses for an affordable price. To certify this, we have not only expanded the price range we offer, but also provide a simple payment plan to help make paying for them a little easier.

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