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Contact Lenses for Children

Smiling in Class

Recent research shows that as little as 10% of children in the UK wear contact lenses. Statistics like this urge us to express the benefits children can gain from wearing them.

Firstly, as a contact lens wearer children can gain freedom. At school day-to-day activities can often be hindered by spectacles as they have tendency to fall off, commonly leading to breakages. Contact lenses alleviate this obstruction.

Furthermore some children may not like the cosmetic appearance of their glasses; contact lenses can therefore often restore lost confidence in this case.

However, ultimately contact lenses can offer visual benefits through myopia control. By wearing specifically prescribed lenses short-sighted children can often get a stabilisation or even improvement in their visual prescription.

What's more silicon hydrogel lenses offer a breathable and comfortable option even for children as young as 5.

Enquire today about contact lenses for your children.

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