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Anti-reflective Coatings

An anti-reflective coating can be added to the surface of any lens in order to reduce the light that is reflected off it. This not only improves the cosmetic appearance of the lens, but it also improves the light intake considerably. This consequently makes vision sharper throughout the day and also significantly clearer at night, especially whilst driving.

There are a variety of anti-reflective coatings available, including our Crizal® lenses range. The most advanced and comprehensive of these is the Crizal® Prevencia™ UV. Many professionals consider this to be the most advanced anti-reflective coating on the market due to the clarity enhancement it yields.

Additional to the anti-reflective technology engrained in the lens, the Crizal® Prevencia™ UV also offers:

* Scratch resistance - protects the lens against scratches

* Cleaning efficiency - the lens is quick and easy to wipe clean

* Dust and water repellent - the lens does not retain water or dust on the surface

* Additional UV protection - back and front surface UV protection (see below)

* Blue-violet protection - cuts down the harmful light that modern devices emit (e.g. IPad)

* Full two year guarantee - the lens is replaced free-of-charge should it be damaged within this time

Until the 31st December 2015 all second pair of Crizal® coated lenses are available half price, please ask for details.

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