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Our Aftercare

What is aftercare?

We see aftercare as professional attention once you have been supplied. This is care you may require because of irritations, infections, follow-ups from a trial, or simply because your lenses aren't right for you. Unfortunately these aftercare visits can't be planned like your routine check-ups, likewise you can't judge how much time will be required to solve your concern. 

How much do I have to pay for aftercare? 

We charge a small fee of £8.50 per month (£13.50 for abnormal complex wear) which saves you from paying £50+ per visit. It may be likely that you need several of these visits and so professional charges could quickly accumulate. Complimentary of purchasing a 6 month supply of aftercare we offer you a routine check-up - however, this must be booked within the 6 month period. 

I'm NHS do I have to pay?

The NHS don't fund contact lenses or contact lens consultations. All NHS patients are therefore charged for their aftercare and likewise are eligible for a free check-up on return within the 6 months. Should you return outside of the 6 months, then you will liable to pay exam fees at reduced ​NHS prices provided you qualify for a funded examination. 

If I haven't paid aftercare for the time of my appointment do I have to pay?

The £8.50 per month covers you for all types of contact lens consultations for that month only. Nonetheless, if you join our monthly payment scheme then no charges will be incurred for your consultation, private or NHS. 

What advise do your professional's give?

As healthcare professionals, we want to make sure you have healthy eyes and never fear the loss of sight. Regular professional attention ensures our senior optometrists monitor how you are wearing and caring for your contact lenses. A substantial amount of people think they are wearing lenses correctly and their cleaning process if fine - they often are very wrong due to lack of guidance. We have supported thousands of contact lens patients over 30 years by guiding them through right lens choice and regularly assessing how they wear/care for their lenses. It is advised (however not mandatory) for contact lens wearers to join our monthly payment plan to ensure visits are booked regularly without the precaution of lump examination/aftercare payments, or confusion of aftercare entitlements.



Please note: It is illegal for us to sell contact lenses without providing aftercare. Regardless of payment method, aftercare cost are incurred per month of supply purchase. 

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