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Are you legal to drive?

Following last month's Brake 'Sharpen Up' campaign, we wanted to reiterate our role in keeping drivers legal. As a national standard, all drivers are required to be able to see clearly at a legislated distance.

In response to Cassie's law, Police are now able to revoke driver's licenses on-the-spot by contacting the DVLA via e-mail or telephone. This new law introduced earlier this year, will hopefully encourage drivers to sharpen up with their eye care visits.

By attending regular eye examinations, our optometrists are able to legally advise whether drivers are visually meeting the required standard. In most cases, a pair of glasses or contact lenses can move a driver from not being able to legally drive, to being able to.

Furthermore, there is growing research that suggests drivers who are attending their regular consultations are still failing to regularly wear their glasses. Please may we stress, it is imperative to wear glasses dispensed as a legal driving fulfillment.

What's more, we urge all drivers to regularly attend their eye examinations to save any unnecessary accidents or revocation of licenses.

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