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Poor vision of the elderly causing falls

In the lead up to Falls Awareness Week starting this Monday 17th June 2013, research conducted by Opinion Matters shows that almost half of the people surveyed have an older friend, parent or relative who have had a fall. Yet more surprisingly, only 32% of these people were aware that a fall can often be a result of visual impairment.

This new research leads us to emphasize the importance of regular eye examinations for the elderly. It is often the case that a simple update of prescription is required in order to restore visual clarity. Furthermore, in a select few instances, visual impairment may be due to an ocular condition developing. If this is the occurrence, then being regularly examined can lead to early detection, early hospital referral and moreover, early treatment - potentially saving sight.

Delaying examinations stops our professionals from being able to ensure you (or maybe an elderly person you know) are not suffering from visual impairment that could lead to a fall. What's more, not only do the NHS fund eye examinations for the over 60's, but (should the case be you need new glasses) we also offer various monthly payment/discount options to help stop financial de-motivations being the reason for avoiding visits.

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