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New Essilor Lens - Varilux S

Following ground breaking advancements in lens design and lens technology, we now bring you the most advanced Varilux of all - Varilux S. The new lens was a result of culmination of several research projects. The objective was to find wearing difficulties with their current progressive lenses.

So the researchers at Essilor set out to further improve the success rate of, Varilux® Physio 2.0. After exhaustive patient trials they put forward two new advancements in the design of the lens and the technology that makes the lens. This would reduce the time required to adjust to the lenses and further replicate a more natural presbyopic eye, moving away from those old progressive lens symptoms.

What the lens offers beyond the previous Varilux® range:

Enhanced Binocular Vision The physiological differences between each eye are taken into account to produce lenses that guarantee you a maximised field of vision. This is a consideration of vision from the left eye, with respect of the right.

Virtually Eliminated Swim Effect The structure of the lens is completely reengineered to ensure you feel more visual stability when moving.

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