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Multifocal Lenses

As we begin to age the muscle that allows the lens in our eye to move becomes less efficient at doing its job. This causes focusing on near vision (reading for instance) to be a little bit more difficult. This is a condition that is known as presbyopia but don't worry, it happens to us all around the age of 40. It's usually noticeable your muscles aren't working as effectively as they used to by not only the indication of age, but when pushing your book or newspaper further away makes the reading a little clearer. 

Just like we offer advanced varifocals for spectacle wearers, we also offer advanced multifocal lenses for contact lens wearers. If you have suffered from presbyopia for many years then it may be likely you have a pair of reading glasses you wear over the top of your contact lenses - well, you simply don't need them anymore. With the intelligence of multifocal lenses you are able to see great in the distance and at near too. We offer them in both soft lens and rigid gas permeable form to facilitate for personal requirements. 

If you're an exceptionally busy person then daily lenses may 

be right for you; maybe you don't wear contact lenses all

the time and so monthly lenses may be better. We advise

you have a chat with one of our professionals to see what is 

suitable for you and your lifestyle. 

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