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Bespoke Lenses

As experienced contact lens practitioners we see ourselves as being able to solve all complications with wearers. If you are a patient who has a complex prescription, abnormal shaped cornea, can't get on with regular soft lenses for comfort or visual reasons - whatever the complexity, we have bags of experience to help create a bespoke lens for you. We have the facility to offer personalised soft lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are made of a durable plastic. This durable plastic enables oxygen to transmit through the lens and therefore offers great comfort to the wearer. RGP lenses are made to your personal prescription and so patients with significant astigmatism, complex prisms, high dioptre correction, multifocal/bifocal requirements (all complex prescriptions) can be catered for. Furthermore, some patients may discover visual discrepancies when they blink with softer lenses as the shape of the lens tends to alter or move - with these rigid lenses, patients will discover clearer vision as the lens maintains is shape and positioning throughout.

Alternatively we offer bespoke soft lenses that are usually for patients with abnormally shaped corneas and keratoconus. Our professional's welcome all complications you may bring with your visual prescription and will discuss which specific type of bespoke lens may benefit you relative to your complexities. 

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