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How it Works

To book your appointment call us on 01922 643988, or alternatively send us an e-mail on We tend to advise you call us so we can discuss any queries you may have.  

When we conduct your exam in your home we focus on three areas. Firstly we determine what your current prescription is in order to make your vision as clear as possible. Secondly, we examine the health of the eye by inspecting the internal and external appearance. Finally we advise for the future; this may include an updated prescription in your glasses to restore great vision. 

If your advice for the future is you require new glasses then we can supply them completely free of charge (for NHS patients). Nonetheless we do carry a range of 50 frames, including some higher quality frames for those who opt not to have our free glasses. Once you have chosen the right frame and lenses for you, we endeavour to get them back to you within 30 days. This will include a re-visit where we will fit them personally for you. 

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