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Retinal Photography

Additional to your routine examination we offer retinal photography whereby our senior optometrists can take digital photographs of the back of your eye. This

state-of-the-art instrumentation allows you to view the back of your eye

along side our professionals. Once the photos have been taken, our

professionals will discuss what can be seen with your personal eye 

structure. They will look for not only ocular abnormalities like 

glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal detachments and diabetic

retinopathy, but also vascular abnormalities.

If any problems are discovered from these photographs, the images

can be sent to your doctor or opthamologist along with your referral

case - helping to discover potential conditions as early as possible.

This instrumentation allows us to record a picture of your eye and use it for future years as a form of comparison. Ophthalmoscopy (when the optometrist shines a bright light into your eye) offers the same view but only to the optometrist.  Once you leave the exam room it offers no record of what the rear of your eye looks like and likewise if hospital referral is required. 

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