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Full Private Exams

Our private examination procedure usually takes around 40 minutes to complete depending on your requirements. Our senior optometrists will begin your examination with a review of how you have found your ocular health over the past year or so. They will take time to get to know you personally, not only to build a great relationship, but also to establish how your lifestyle will influence your vision. 

After the opening history and symptoms is complete our professionals will look to determine your appropriate personal prescription and assess whether new eye wear may be required for better vision.  

For the remainder of the consultation time our optometrists will look to assess the internal and external ocular health. Depending on their findings, they may advise extensive examination procedures to further assess for potential signs of ocular conditions.

At the end of the examination our professionals will discuss what they find, go through any images or reports that were a result of your test and advise for the future. 

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