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Whether you have worries about Macular

Degeneration, you have a family member

with Glaucoma, you've been diagnosed

with Diabetes - whoever you are or

whatever condition you have, EyeTime

can offer you extensive checks into

specific conditions for a small monthly fee.

We mould your examination around you

specifically using the latest computerized instrumentation to comprehend our accuracy when monitoring your condition or general ocular health. 

We don't like to stop the benefit of our EyeTime scheme being based around our comprehensive examination procedure. You are eligible for appointments with Jonathan on a priority basis with up to 30% discount on our entire spectacle, sunspecs and sports prescription range. You really can capitalize on savings like £120 for £400 glasses. Additionally, we can offer you a reduced price on all accessories. 

The best monthly payment plan for you will generally be determined by your spectacle price - please ask at our practice for your personal quote. Prices start from £3.05 per month with various discount rates. 



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