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Computer Lenses 

​Glasses for Visual Displaying Units 

Health and Safety Regulations (Display Screen Equipment) 1992 states that if your job requires a substantial amount of computer work then your employer is liable to ensure you have an adequate pair of computer (VDU) glasses. These glasses are a single vision lens to not only help you see your computer screen better, but most importantly reduce eye strain, blurred vision and potential other forms of ocular conditions. 

We offer VDU glasses for just £50.00 per pair for the first four employees and £40.00 thereafter. We store a wide selection of frames for this offer, you're also welcome to upgrade your frame design for a small additional fee. 

Computer Glasses for the presbyopes

When you get to the age of 40 and above your

vision will generally struggle to focus on work

at near due to presbyopia. When working on

a computer this will mean that although your

computer screen may be clear with single

vision lenses, your keyboard or reading may be

hindered. We therefore offer two types of progressive office computer lenses.

The first lens type enables you to see your computer screen clearly at the top of the lens and as you travel down the lens closer objects like your keyboard or books come into focus too. Likewise our second type of computer lens offers distance viewing at the top of the lens (people walking around the office maybe), computer focus in the middle of the lens and near at the bottom. This second lens is a very similar style to our varifocal lens however carries a bigger intermediate to compensate for excessive computer use. 

These computer lens are priced higher than standard VDU lenses due to them being progressive lenses and entail specific fitting. Legislation does not state that your employer has to purchase these type of lenses for you because you are suffering from presbyopia. Single vision lenses will be adequate for your health and safety, however focusing on your keyboard and reading may pose a little challenge - especially for longsighted patients. 

If you're an employer/employee and have queries about staff eye care or spectacle prices please send us an e-mail for further details:


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